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Mondays: mountain bike tour with host Olivier

You decide, whether you prefer a leisurely manner of biking or more a sporty alpine trail. Accompanied by Olivier, passionate hotel manager and mountain biker, you will always stay on the right track anyway. 

And, apart of one or two anecdotes, the enthusiastic bike riding hotel owner provides you with the one or another hint or trick. 

When: Every monday, 2pm.

Meeting point: Aktiv Hotel & Spa Hannigalp

Mondays: beer tasting (Grächen Tourism Office) 

Do your prefer a cool lager or a hearty strong beer? 

Anyway, in Grächen the proverb "in pivo veritas" applies... Thanks to the beer tasting offered by Grächen Tourism Office you will find out all about the truth of this delicious, quenching your thirst drink.

Learn exciting details about the different ways of brewing and the different types of beer - brewed with water from Grächen of course. Quenching the thirst is included!

When: Every Monday, 5 to 6.30p.m.

Meeting point: Tourism Office

Inscription: until noon the same day

Tuedays: appointment with the eternal ice

Imposingly and awe-inspiring: at the end of this guided hiking tour, organised by the local tourism office, you will have an appointment with the Riedgletscher. Another culinary appointment awaits you afterwards in the Turm Hotel Grächerhof, where you will discover culinary delights during the so called "Blind Food Taste Sensation" combined with a tasting of three local wines. 

When: Tuesdays, 10am (hiking)  // 4 to 5pm. ("Blind Food Taste Sensation" and wine tasting)

Meeting point: Hotel Grächerhof Gourmet&Spa 

Inscription: until 5pm the day before

Wednesdays: Play & Fun for kids - BBQ for the adults

Wednesdays is kids day! Our little guest enjoy from a special program with common dinner and Play & Fun time afterwards in the alpine sports center. And while the little ones are running riot the adults are spoiled by the Hotel Desirée host family Ruppen and their carefree enjoyable BBQ dinner on the hotel terrace!

When: Wednesdays, starting for kids at 4pm45 and for adults at 6pm.

Meeting point: Family Hotel & Spa Desirée 

Inscription: until 3pm the same day

Thursdays: Visit of the home base of Air Zermatt

The world wide renowned rescuers have their home base in Zermatt, at the foot of the famous Mont Cervin. Discover the base, different types of helicopters and learn about the thrilling job of the Air Zermatt team - a must see not only for every fan of helicopters. 

When: Thursdays, 10am30 - 12pm

Meeting point: Air Zermatt, Zermatt

Inscription: until 5pm the day before at the tourism office in Grächen

Fridays: Baking Valais rye bread AOC - the original

There are many culinary flagships of our canton. Recipes, being handed down through the generations - unmistakable tastes as ever. Come and bake under the qualified guidance your own Valais rye bread - a souvenir, that will extend your holiday remembrances thanks to its persisting character.

When: Fridays, from 10am until 12pm

Meeting point: Robi's Waldspielplatz

Inscription: until 5pm the day before

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