We love our region

Living in harmony with nature

Green and round "locally quality"

Sustainability with heart and mind

The Matterhorn Valley Hotels place great emphasis on responsible use of natural resources in every respect. “Nothing good happens unless you do it.” A quote by Erich Kästner which reflects our attitude. Sustainability and respect are essential in our operations.

Certified with the Q-label by the Swiss tourist board for many years, continuous quality management is also part of our daily tasks, as is as our warm welcome for our holiday guests young and old alike.

We also place great emphasis on regionality and sustainability when choosing our suppliers and products. Whenever possible, we use products from the region and have known many of our suppliers personally form years.

The Matterhorn Valley Hotels are dedicated to nature and their guests. At our hotel, you can enjoy a hotel welcome, catering and hospitality, all at the highest level AND with heart and soul. 

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